There is an inwardness of things that can be known and it is sacred. Reality is multidimensional and at the core of everything is a vast, unitary, luminous, unchanging awareness. This is the fundamental, self-existent reality, preexisting thought and mind, time and space, cosmos and multiplicity. It is known subjectively as our original awareness, a transcendental consciousness without an object: absolute existence, consciousness, bliss. Next to this core reality, our world and our seeming selves are a kind of dream. But in the context of the timeless, spaceless, limitless, undifferentiated oneness that always is and the vast nothingness that might have been, there is nothing more beautiful than this little dream of multiplicity, nothing more beautiful than this growth and play of life, this earth – these many centers of consciousness coming together in mutual knowing, growing and exploring… learning to love. There is nothing more beautiful than this We.

pedestal pieces

wall reliefs